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Slick Reship

(43 reviews)

Reliable reshipping that works for you.

With the Slick Reship Free Customer Guide, you'll ace your reshipping needs in no time. This comprehensive tool is designed to arm you with valuable insights on how to navigate Slick's features, optimize cost, and respond to challenges. Get real-time interactive support, access to global addresses, and enjoy costs as low as £4.20/item. Ready to streamline your global reshipping process? Join us today, and experience the unparalleled service that our Slick community enjoys!

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Slick Reship - Free Customer Guide

Low Cost Reshipping
Join us here at Slick and benefit from reshipping costs as low as £4.20 per item!
Active Staff
Benefit from active staff - typical replies are within 24 hours of your original query.
Extensive Coverage
All premium Slick customers get access to addresses all across the globe - currently covering 20+ countries!
Customer Q&A
Q: Hey, how expensive is platform drop-off?
A: Hi there, Shipping from our reshippers straight to a company like StockX will incur a fee of £1 per item, ontop of the reshipping fee Any other questions feel free to ask Thanks, PandaShoez.
Asked on Aug 31, 2023
Q: Hello, Do you recommend / have a service to plug in order to have best posting price. And even better an API which give you the total price direct
A: At this moment in time, we do not. However it's certainly on the list for the future! We do however have a list of guidance prices to ship from X country to Z country.
Asked on Jul 20, 2023
Q: Do you have usa as a reshiper?
A: Yes we do.
Asked on Jul 31, 2023
Customer reviews
4.91 out of 5
(43 reviews)
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a year ago
ScottL reshipped really well, helped me and knew exactly what he was doing!
a year ago
Good service and good communication. Recommended 10/10
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a year ago
i like a lot FR reshipper called Mathious.
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Slick Reship
Reselling • General

43 reviews

Use our services to acquire products globally from our background-checked and vetted reshippers to take your reselling career to the next level! We have competitive reshipping rates, bulk discounts, bulk buyers and over 30 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania for use, you will never struggle to acquire stock again. Resale platform drop off (StockX, Alias, Restocks, etc) Access to COD addresses. Never worry about payment options again, Stripe payments with our customized commercial invoices to aid with your tax reports. Exclusive group buys and giveaways.